Pakistan & India: Cross-border fire reported along Line of Control (LoC) on February 27

Reports indicated that shooting erupted between Indian and Pakistani forces near Pakistan’s Kenthigal Dabsi village in the Nakyal district along the Line of Control (LoC), leading to one Pakistani civilian receiving wounds. Earlier, several shots were reportedly fired in India’s Pura sector along the International Border near Jammu.

Such cross-border incidents are common and underscore persistent tensions along both the LoC and International Border in Jammu and Kashmir. There has been a relative decline in the intensity and frequency of cross-border incidents in recent weeks, following an intensification of violence in early January. Nonetheless, the issue of border clashes will likely be discussed during the visit by India’s Foreign Secretary to Islamabad on March 3. Although most border incidents remain localized to the immediate forces opposing each other across the border, such skirmishes do run the risk of leading to a further escalation, especially if casualties are recorded or if one side implements greater force. Recent goodwill gestures between both sides, however, indicate that the parties likely aim to contain border tensions.

About Daniel Brode

Senior Intelligence Analyst with Max-Security Solutions, a geopolitical risk-consulting firm in Israel. Articles have been published in The New York Times, Jerusalem Post, Al-Arabiya, and Hurriyet. Matriculated at the Virginia Military Institute; completed US Army Airborne School and an exchange program at the University of the German Federal Armed Forces Hamburg. Studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem before receiving a B.A. from Duquesne University in History and a Minor in German. Graduated with a M.A. in Security & Diplomacy from Tel Aviv University. Interned as a research analyst for the Institute for National Security Studies in the Military and Strategic Affairs Program and represented Tel Aviv University in the Wikistrat International Grand Strategy Competition. Completed mandatory military service in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).
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  1. Ellen Calig says:

    I find your blogs extremely informative, and easy to read and understand. Very well written!

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